Loading logs to the limit

In Chillán, Chile, truck drivers transporting logs between forests and sawmills spent time optimizing the loads of their trucks at central weighing stations. Now, with a Kimax® solution installed in their vehicles, optimal load is obtained at the loading point – and business is better.


From one truck driver to another

Truck driving is more than a job

It is a lifestyle of freedom and adventure. Truck driving is also more than a business. It is a challenge of being on time, on track and on the money.

Sense-Tech is a Danish company dedicated to weighing systems

We know the world of truck driving. We know what truck drivers want and what businesses need. Our weighing system Kimax is designed for more precision, more control, more freedom.

Experts and practitioners have developed our Kimax system

From one truck driver to another: We know what it takes. Whether transporting wood in Sweden or driving a road train in the Australian outback. Since 1998 the Kimax unit has been distributed through VDO Siemens Automotive, later on through Continental Automotive partners worldwide.

Kimax is a cost-effective solution for almost all types of weighing

Get a quick overview of both truck and trailer weight – precision within 1-2 percent. Print a weighing slip. Register actual axle pressure in many ways. The Kimax weighing system is engineered to fit your need perfectly. Kimax can be tailored for your new vehicle or your existing convoy of vehicles, regardless of product brand and age. It is all about precision and setting up a weighing system that works just right for your business. Every time. Always.

Kimax 1® - The economical, easy-to-install instrument

Kimax 1 gives you a simple and precise overview of axle pressure, both for individual axles and axle groups.

Each axle group can be measured either through one common air input or through a double air input intended for vehicles with split air suspension.

Kimax 2® - The universal system designed for maximum flexibility

Kimax 2 can be tailored to provide you with detailed overview of your vehicle total weight, load and individual axle pressure. Kimax 2 also supplies you with weighing slips for easy documentation. Kimax 2 offers more combinations regarding setup on multiple suspension systems.

Each axle or group can be measured either through one common air input or through a double air input intended for vehicles with split air suspension.

Mechanical suspension on one or more axles is handled by our well proven SG sensor, which can be fitted directly on a steering front axle.

For detailed product selection guide please go to kimax.com.

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