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Flexible, tailor-made, precise

When, where and how you want it

Originally, the Kimax® system was developed for vehicles with air suspension. However, Kimax has been developed to support different suspension principles equally well. This enables you to have Kimax installed on a vehicle with multiple suspension principles.


Enhance your performance with software and instruments! The Kimax system has been designed together with truck drivers to meet their requirements. Basically, our software and instruments ensure you get the information you need. When, where and how you want it, depending on your type of vehicle, dashboard, practical situation.

Kimax Onboard Weighing Products
Kimax onboard scales for trucks

Designed and measured for all vehicles

The modular design of Kimax® can be specifically setup on each truck to give you the overview you need to optimize your business.

Driven to deliver quality

We at Sense-Tech Weighing Systems Ltd. promise to deliver the highest level of quality in the delivery of our services and products, our operational procedures, and our customer service standards as we develop, improve and maintain our ISO 9001 quality management certification.


Of the utmost importance is ensuring that our customers’ views and concerns are heard and that cooperation takes place easily and professionally.


We will be legally compliant.


We will continually strive to:



  • Deliver the right product at the right time
  • Improve the degree of satisfaction for our customers and other stakeholders
  • Actively foster the ongoing employee training/development that is necessary to keep meeting the associated policies, goals and technology
  • Comply with all relevant customer and regulatory requirements associated with a project
  • Implement preventive actions to address any deviations

Have another truck or trailer configuration ?


Give us your answer to a few initial questions and we are able to quote you the optimal Kimax configuration for your truck or trailer.

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